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Navigating change can be tricky — it brings up a lot of emotions, worries, and decisions, and we’re not always sure where we stand. One of our primary needs when facing change is to be able to understand what it will mean for us.

It’s easy to get focused on…

Source: Korovina et al. on ResearchGate

An emotion wheel is a great visual aid to help us identify how we’re feeling, and also to expand our emotional vocabulary. Being able to identify emotions is a key building block of emotional intelligence.

How many emotions are there?

According to PositivePsychology.com, there are around 34,000 human emotions (I’ve collected about a thousand of…

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When was the last time you were at play? Hopefully, it was in the last few days. But if you’re like most adults, you’ll probably need a second or two to think about your answer to that question.

When we were kids, we spent a lot of time playing alone…

I recently had a long weekend away from home, leaving my partner and cats behind to get some “me” time. It was wonderful to have entire days stretching out with no commitments, no constraints. After only three days, I felt rested, refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running again.

As I wrote the title to this article, I wondered how many people would read it and think that I had mis-spelled “business” as “busyness”. After all, a number of problems that we face in society today can be attributed to worshipping business as though it is the only legitimate…

Weakness. Most of us cringe inwardly even just hearing that word. We’ve been taught that weaknesses are something to be ashamed of, and there are plenty of people who seem to live by the belief that the truly great amongst us don’t have weaknesses. …

Hands up if you’ve sat in countless training sessions and performance appraisals, hearing that you need to work on your weaknesses? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Did this ever inspire you? I’d hazard a guess that it left you feeling demotivated and frustrated.

That’s a common reaction! But for some reason, many managers, consultants…

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We live in a culture that worships talent as the path to success. Have you heard people describe someone at the top of their game as a “freak”, a “genius”, or a “natural”? Or heard their performance described as “effortless” or “magical”? …

In a recent article, I shared ten strategies for having great ideas.

I love the process of coming up with great ideas. But ideas on their own don’t mean anything.

Great ideas aren’t enough; turning them into great results is what changes the world.

Here, I share seven strategies that…

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Time. How often do you hear yourself or others say that you don’t have enough of it, or you’re running out of it, or you wish you had more of it? Yet everyone has the same amount of it. And we all get a new stash of it every day.

Daria Williamson

Coach, facilitator, trainer. Book lover. I help people and businesses get unstuck. Science-backed tools & strategies to create wellbeing & sustainable results.

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